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FirstWorks Frontier Series: Qyrq Qyz/Forty Girls

RISD Auditorium 7 Canal Walk, Providence

Across the steppes of Central Asia, modern bards still sing the tale of Gulaim, the teenage warrior who defended ancient clans from Eastern invaders with the help of her qyrq qyz, or 40 girls, Amazons of Turkic legend. Enduring for centuries in a male-dominated epic tradition, this powerful matriarchal narrative comes to full-throated life in […]

$25 – $30

Talking the Walk: Black Dance and Social Justice – Presented by FirstWorks

RISD Auditorium 7 Canal Walk, Providence

Urban Bush Women founder Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Thomas F. DeFrantz, Professor and Chair and Professor of Women’s Studies African & African American Studies at Duke University, discuss “Walking with ‘Trane,” Black Dance in its varied contemporary manifestations, Black Lives Matter, and the long histories of dance in African American social justice advocacy.